Thursday, 13 June 2013

Velomobile safety and drag co-efficient

There has been a few cases of late of cyclist being hit by cars with major injuries or death being the result. I still think it prudent that some sort of passive safety is designed into Veloci Velomobile. I really like the construction method used on the eco-car TREV It is lightweight, reasonably easy to construct but very strong and with the foam as a core would have some energy absorbing capacity.
For Veloci Velomobile I will design a semi-monocoque with the monocoque being where the rider sits while the suspensions and crank boom are attached to the monocoque. I believe this would be the best approach to keeping it lightweight and having some crash/impact protection.

In addition to the crash protection of Veloci Velomobile I have been redesigning the bodyshell to make it a little more slippery and make the forward vision for the rider a lot better. I now have the Cd figure down to 0.20 thus the CdA= 0.45 x 0.20 = 0.09 which is really good and better than the Quest velomobile now. 
Veloci Velomobile Human powered Vehicle
Veloci Velomobile drag co-efficient now 0.20

Human powered vehicle
June 2013 Veloci Velomobile latest shape rendering

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