Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Velomobile Kit? or Retro-fit?

With the Veloci Velomobile method of body construction it will possible to scale it to fit a wide range of different recumbent trike chassis.

This is already been done by other manufacturers with the Borealis velomobile as well as the Ocean Challenger .These are both fine examples of fitting bodyshells to existing recumbent trikes. The drawback is that they are quite heavy (32-36kg) and still relatively expensive.

Veloci Velomobile would weigh in at 20-23kg depending on the trike used as the chassis. This would be a great option for someone who already owns a trike and wants to have a cost effective way of converting their recumbent trike to a velomobile. The estimated cost for a retrofit to an existing trike chassis would be $US = 1000 or Euro = 780.

velomobile, velomobil

This is only one option as a custom designed chassis would have less compromises and maybe even be lighter! I have built three recumbent trikes - two with rear suspension, with the lightest being 13.5kg and the others 15-17kg so in theory Veloci Velomobile could be as light as 18-20kg complete!

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