Saturday, 2 March 2013

Velo Chassis / Test Mule

Now that I have finalised the body shape/dimensions I need to build a chassis for everything to attach to! I thought about using an commercially available tadpole trike but there are too many compromises. So I designed my own!As this is experimental I wanted to design it so changes can be made easily. I decided to make it out of 9mm ply as a semi-monocoque design with the seat being part of the load bearing structure. I like working with wood so this construction technique suits me. The pictured design is the chassis backbone and seat which still needs the boom, front suspension arms and rear swingarm. Pictured chassis weighs 3kg. I estimate the rolling chassis will weigh 15kg plus another 6-7 for the body shell giving my target weight for this velomobile of 20-22kg.

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