Saturday, 2 March 2013

Modelling in 3D - Velomobile Crash protection?


Modelling in the 3D environment is quite easy. The basic steps are to create polygons, lay out basic dimensions and then modify the polygons to get a rough shape. From this rough shape filters can be applied to smooth the shape.

Another consideration when designing this velomobile is the matter of crash protection! Unfortunately there are drivers of automobiles who are not attentive enough when it comes to their driving. I have seen a few collisions (and been involved in two myself) while on a bicycle. All these collisions involved the car driver not being carefull or considerate to the rider.

So how do we make bicycling safer? There is no easy answer. How do we make velomobiles safer? Well my thoughts are to have some sort of roll over protection and in the case of Veloci velo to have side intrusion bars fitted to the chassis. These would only have to be strong enough to not bend when hit by a force equal to the mass of the velomobile and it's rider.

I really like Trisleds Rotovelo which is a rotary moulded monocoque which is strong (but a little heavy). Maybe the answer is not to get hit by becoming more visable eg. bright colours for the bodyshell and using flashing LED's even when riding in daylight. Some riders use flags, I like the idea of a aero mast which would be painted in a fluro safety colour and also have a flashing LED's on top for 360 degree visability.

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