Saturday, 5 May 2018

Veloci-velo design philosophy

veloci velomobile ©2018

The design philosophy for this velomobile are low vehicular mass, aerodynamics, ease of manufacture, cost and minimal environmental impact.
Main benefits are...
  • Non-polluting - 65% of all carbon monoxide emitted into the environmental is from road vehicles.   Veloci-velo is a Zero Emission Vehicle.
  • Healthy and Fun - Easier than riding a bike, get fit commuting, shopping or just out cruising.
  • Easy to park and store - Requires no wall or object to lean it against, takes up less than 1/6 loadspace of average automobile.
  • Secure and safe - Stable and nimble tadpole trike design. Built in frontal crumple zone.

To understand my vision you really need to understand the problem...
The problem with most of todays personal transport options comes down to one thing - MASS!
Everyday 66% of vehicle journeys are under 6km in distance are taken by just one person!
This seems incredible especially when drawn to the fact that the single occupant only makes up 2-8% of the total mass being transported. So why do we need a 1000+ kg machine to transport one person such short distances? Is it for convenience sake?

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