Saturday, 21 January 2017

Electric assist on velomobiles

After about six months of no progress due to building a new home I have finally got my workshop back and will be starting work on Veloci-velomobile once again.

In this time of limbo I have thought about having electric assist on  a velomobile and came to the conclusion that it would be advantages to have such a system.
Advantages would be...

  • Faster acceleration from standstill and rolling acceleration
  • Easier climbing of hills
From reading reviews of various systems including hub motors, mid-drive and direct drive I believe that a mid-drive system would be best due to the fact it will use the gearing already in the bike. I really like the 8fun system which can be configured with different power outputs to suit regulations. Most common is 250W (Australia & Europe) 300W (New Zealand) and 750W (USA).

Even with 250W the acceleration would be quite impressive and with the aerodynamic advantage of Veloci-velo top speeds would/could  be..

  • 250W = 75 km/hr (46 mph)
  • 300W = 82 km/hr (50 mph)
  • 750W = 120km/hr  (74 mph)
When designing Veloci-velo the design brief was to have a vehicle that could maintain 40km/hr for the average rider so the electric assist needs to be no more than 300W and geared to provide the best acceleration up to the 40 km/hr limit.

See table below...

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