Sunday, 4 September 2016

Velomobile front beam suspension design

Most commercially availible velomobiles feature Macpherson Strut independent front suspension. A popular choice for full monocoque designs.

Tadpole design three wheeelers require roll stiffness at the front because the single rear does not have anti-roll stiffness so suspensions have to be correspondingly stiff to reduce body roll.
I intend to have a very simple beam front suspension with the advantages being...

  • Simplicity
  • No track variance when bumps encountered (zero scrub)
  • Can be made lightweight (for velomobile applications)
  • Great roll stiffness
The beam axle can be mounted to the monocoque section using four elastomers which will be the spring and damper all in one. The benefit of this is that the elastomer will provide vibration isolation and reduce the "road buzz" to the occupant. This isolation reduces the fatigue on the occupant.

Go to this link to see a an arguement for a beam axle front Vs Macpherson Strut.

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