Thursday, 27 November 2014

Velomobile in Virtual Wind tunnel

Since I have established the final shape which now has a larger opening and is wider at the shoulders to accomodate the rider. I thought I better re-run the final shape in the virtual windtunnel to get an idea on how aerodynamic the shape is.

The results surprised me a little with the figures coming back at a Cd factor of 0.20 at a velocity of 11.2 m/s or 40kph. This was excellent as I was expecting the Cd figure to be a little higher with these changes. Now with a frontal area of 0.35m2 the CdA is now 0.07!

This final design is the result of appox. 200 hours testing and tweaking in the virtual windtunnel. I am confident that the figures are pretty close as I have calibrated the results against shapes of a known Cd figure.

Velomobile aerodynamic testing in virtual windtunnel
Veloci-velo Velomobile 2014©

Power required to have a velocity of 40kph is a very achievable (for the majority of people) 122 watts.
see below...

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