Saturday, 3 May 2014

Aero tests continued

Last post I had a result that provided a cdA of 0.027. Unfortunately this result was wrong and after more testing I would have to put that result down to a glitch in the system.
Anyway I really liked the look of that particular shape which also allows more shoulder room for the rider. I ran the new tests after calibrating the software against a shape with a known Cd ( a sphere = 0.5). The new shape came back of a best of Cd=0.18 and with a slightly smaller frontal area of 0.44m2 with calculates to a CdA of 0.792 which is pretty good for a shape that can be produced using corflute/coroplast.

Veloci velomobile CdA=0.792

Veloci velomobile in virtual windtunnel

I am very happy with this shape now and the chassis design is going very well. I considered buying a KMX kart to use as a chassis but there were three things that I didn't like about these trikes...
  1. Quite heavy at 19kg
  2. Wheelbase not quite long enough
  3. No suspension
KMX Karts are great value however and a fine product and would be suitable for a low cost velomobile. I will be building my own chassis this winter and hope to have Veloci-velo ready for Spring.

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