Thursday, 29 August 2013


Using the 'mule' I have been fine-tuning the dimensions of Veloci Velomobile. I have changed the design of the frame to have a perimeter upper frame to provide extra impact protection and added torsional strength. At the moment I have been setting up the 'mule' to check seating position and clearances for wheels, steering bits and of course the rider to bodyshell interferences. I have found by doing this that I can make the Veloci-velo even a little bit smaller than I had planned with the entire bodyshell being able to envelop me the rider as close as possible.

The 'mule' test rig for Veloci-velo

This was one of my goals in building this velomobile and that was for it to be a scalable design instead of a "one size fits all" policy. In a production version the rider would supply the essential measurements and the bodyshell would be custom designed to fit his body / seating position. The chassis would be basically the same for every rider but the shell would specific to the rider.

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