Thursday, 11 July 2013

Velomobile tyres

There is lots of debate about the pros & cons of various wheel sizes. I do not wish to add to this discussion but speak from my experiences.

I have used both 406 ERTO & 349 ERTO size wheels/tyres for my early velomobiles. I have found there is no noticeable difference between the two sizes in everyday riding.

Being a smaller rider I prefer the 349 size as it makes for a more compact trike/velomobile as well as being slightly lighter. I have noticed that tyre pressure has more influence on the ride & speed of the tyre than anything else.
A lot of the roads in my area are coarse chip and I have found that running tyres at a lower pressure is better on these surfaces. High pressures lead to more 'road buzz' and a very hard ride. Lower pressures (50-60psi) reduced the road buzz and made the ride and handing much nicer. However on smooth asphalt roads higher pressures are the best. It is all about finding what works for the particular vehicle and the rider.

Here is a little movie I made of the virtual wind tunnel with Veloci Velo in it. This is a slightly different body with more of a "swoop" in the side on profile. Part of the reason is purely cosmetic and also helps bring down the drag co-efficient.

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