Thursday, 28 February 2013


To make a bicycle go faster you either have to become super strong & fit or somehow decrease the amount of energy required to move the bike and yourself. Of course as speed rises on a bicycle the energy needed to accelerate and hold a higher speed increases also.
The best way to go faster is to improve the aerodynamics and the percentage of energy required to push a rider and their bicycle through the atmosphere is far greater than all the other factors such as vehicle weight, mechanical losses etc.
My goals include being able to ride a human powered vehicle 365 days of the year so a body shell serves two purposes for me -

  1. Keeps the rider (me) from the elements such as rain, cold, sun.
  2. Makes the vehicle more aerodynamic (or more efficient).
I can't see the point of putting a body shell on a human powered vehicle if it is not in some way raising the efficiency of the vehicle because the other killer in human powered vehicles is weight.
More weight = slower. So to make the most efficient vehicle it will have to be -

  • Lightweight (under 22kg)
  • Aerodynamic with a CdA close to or under 0.10
concept of possible bodyshell

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